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We are pleased to offer the datasets for converted city directories to anyone who would like to use this information in another application. Currently the following datasets are available in zipped format:

Tab-delimited text files and ESRI shapefiles of a partial listing of commercial and residential entries with address points associated:

1845 (
1870 (
1872 (
1875 (

Address point data gathered from historical atlases of the city of Boston is also available in a tab-delimited text file and ESRI shapefile format for the following years:

1898 (

Please see Places and Project Details’ Data Models and Procedures for more information of how this data was gathered, transformed and formatted

Full datasets of the city directories, atlases and maps used in Cowpaths will be made available for public use via download from this area in the near future. If you require assistance, please contact the Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University via email at or by telephone at 617.627.3737.