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General Contact Information:

Boston Streets is administered by Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University, with support from The Bostonian Society and a grant from the Insitute of Museum and Library Services.

General questions and technical questions about Boston Streets should be directed to the DCA via email: or phone: 617-627-3737. Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for reply.

Questions about images from the Bostonian Society's collections should be directed to The Bostonian Society.

Reporting Content Errors:

Content errors (filing order, typographical mistakes, character omissions, date errors, etc.) can be identified and traced all the way back to the printing of the original paper directories. Some of these errors have been fixed during the conversion process, yet the digitization work may also have introduced new content errors from time to time into the directories. We would appreciate your help in finding and fixing these errors that occur within the roughly 1.9 million entries included in the city directories and the 2,000+ information records for the images. If you find an error, please report it via email to the DCA.

Please include a description of the error (copying a line of text and pasting it into the email is recommended), the complete URL of the page where you have found the error, and any additional information you wish to include.


Email subject:
Content Error in Boston Streets

Body of email:
"cngineer" instead of "engineer" in 1925 directory

Whitney Lyman F cngineer 110 Brookline av h 228 Marlborough