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Project Personnel and Participants

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Tufts Digital Collections and Archives:

Jessica Branco, Project Coordinator: Text preparation, Georeferecing, Point plotting, Data modeling, Graphic design, Web site design, GIS development, Archival processing, Authority list development, Metadata specifications, Procedures and documentation, Report preparation, Budget management.

Gregory C. Colati, Director, Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), and University Archivist
Anne Sauer, Assistant Archivist
Robert Chavez, Technology Manager

Scott Colati, Georeferencing, Point plotting
Jenny Darling, Text preparation
Robert Dockins, Text preparation programming, Data modeling
Peter Havel, Text preparation
Kiril Johnson, Point plotting, Text preparation
Cynthia Mackey, Text preparation
Tim Muldoon, Text preparation, archival processing
Anya Potter, Text preparation
Bruno Trindade, Digital Library Programmer

The Bostonian Society

Nancy Richards, Director, Bostonian Society Library
Carrie Allen, Photo cataloging, Authority list development
Anne Vosikas, Photo cataloging, Authority list development

Academic Technology, Tufts University

Anoop Kumar, Digital Library Programmer
Kate Pechekhonova, Digital Library Programmer
Nikoali Schwertner, Digital Library Programmer
Melanie St. James, Graphic Designer

Consultants and Vendors

Digital Divide Data, Text conversion
Peter Wilkerson
, GIS developer, graphic design, data modeling
Copy Cop of Boston, large-format scanning
Boston Photo Imaging, large-format digital photography


Institute of Museum and Library Services
DCA,Tufts University
The Bostonian Society