Madeline H. Caviness

Reframing Medieval Art:
Difference, Margins, Boundaries

Table of Contents:



Note to the Reader

Introduction: Soundings/Sightings

Chapter 1: Writing Women: Problematics of History and Language

Chapter 2: Norman Knights, Anglo-Saxon Women, and the "Third Sex:" The Masculinization of England After the Conquest

Chapter 3: Hedging in Men and Women: The Margins as Agents of Gender Construction

Chapter 4: Edging Out Difference: Revisiting the Margins as a Postmodern Project

Afterword: Social Control through Multivalent Images

Reader Comments

Note to the Reader

New modes of scholarship require new forms of presentation. During the writing of this book I had a hard time deciding whether to present the theoretical framework or the case study first in each chapter. Electronic publishing will allow the reader to decide how they want to read the book. The contents list is available in every section to allow easy selection, and links in the text will facilitate pursuit of themes such as gender construction that are treated in several places.

Illustrations are available in the text, and can be enlarged to examine details. For reasons of copyright they cannot be downloaded, but some links are provided so that readers can purchase their own photographs. Material in notes can be accessed by clicking on the number in the text; a click on the number in the note itself will return the reader to the text.. Short references can be expanded in the same way.

Lists of essential reading are provided for each section, and may be used as independent bibliographic guides, though the authors also have links to the text where their work is discussed. In each case, it is my hope that the theories reviewed can be used to assist new case studies. The art historical monographs listed in essential reading will also provide further examples for analysis, possibly in conjunction with different theoretical frameworks.