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Curtis E. Drury


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Curtis E. Drury
Years at Tufts:

1942-1945; 1946


Tufts E1945 High School, Newton, MA

Years at Tufts:
  • 1942 enrolled in the Program, admitted to NROTC unit

  • 1943 NROTC unit was called into active duty as part of the national V-12 training program; appointed Company Commander

Certificate from the U.S. NROTC

  • 1944 appointed Battalion Commander

  • 1945 commissioned Ensign USNR


Charlotte E. Craig, February 25, 1945; three day honeymoon in Boston

World War II Duty:
  • March - April 1945 battleship turret course the Ordnance and Gunnery School in Washington, DC

  • April 1945 ordered to USS Indiana (BB 58) with the third fleet in the Western Pacific

Battleship Indiana

  • Assigned to turret 3 as Junior Turret Officer and Junior Officer of the deck

  • Bombardment of Okinawa, Japan, and Tokyo Bay

  • Additional Training in San-Francisco; qualified as 16-inch Turret /Division Officer/ OOD in port and underway

  • March 1946 released to inactive duty; remained in the Naval Reserve on inactive status until 1947 when reactivated

U.S.S. Indiana's Crew

  • 1947 Training Officer in at Portland, ME; promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in USNR

  • 1947 Industrial Engineer with the Saco-Lowell shops

Certificate in Recognition of the Service

Korean War Duty:
  • 1950 ordered to USS New Jersey (BB 62); assigned as #1 Turret Officer / OOD/ First Division Officer and promoted to Lieutenant

  • Provided "artillery support" for the troops ashore and bombardment anything else within the range of 45,000 yards (23 miles)

  • U.S.S. Indiana' s Officers
  • Provided air defense for the 7th Fleet

  • Fired from #1 Turret over 1700 rounds of 16-inch armor piercing (2700 lbs each), high capacity (1950 lbs) shells and a total of approximately 270 tons of powder

  • 1951 ship relieved from Korean duty by USS Wisconsin (BB 63) and headed back to Norfolk, VA

  • 1952 received order to USS Mississippi as First Lieutenant, Security and Division Officer and in seven months ordered to inactive duty until retirement in 1958

  • 1952 employed at Sales and Engineering Department at Improved Machinery in Nashua, NH

Curtis E. Drury

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