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Board of Trustee Memberships

Trustee Memberships Held Until 2005
New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center Member of Joint Board 1964 to 1975
1977 to 1989
  Board of Governors 1976
  Life Governor 1989 to 2005
International Monetary Conference Director 1970 to 1980
(American Bankers Association) Vice President 1977
  President 1978
  Honorary Member 1984
The Business Council Member of Liaison Committee with White House and Office of Management and Budget 1972
  Vice Chairman 1973 to 1979
  Member of Executive Committee 1983 to 1990
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. Trustee 1985
Cambridge Capital Fund Advisory Board 1987
CAI Capital Corporation Special Advisory Board 1989
The Biotechnology Group Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board 1990
Yeager, Wood & Marshall Advisory Council 1991
New York Academy of Sciences The President's Council 1996
Center for Strategic and international Studies Diplomacy in the Information Age Advisory Panel 1997
Foreign Policy Association Senior Fellow 1998
American Academy of Arts & Sciences Fellow 2001

Former Trustee Memberships
Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. Member 1955 to 1991
  Director 1981 to 1989
The New York Community Trust Trustee 1967 to 1970
Center for Inter-American Relations, Inc. Member 1967 to 1970
Association of Reserve City Bankers Member 1968
  Director 1974 to 1977
New York Chamber of Commerce & Industry Corporate Member for First National City Bank 1970 to 1984
Council of the Americas Trustee 1971 to 1974
Economic Development Council of New York Member of Board of Directors 1972
City, Inc. Chairman of Executive Committee 1972 to 1979
United Way of Tri-State Director 1972 to 1984
  Chairman 1979 to 1980
Labor Management Group White House Labor-Management Committee (Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan) 1973 to 1984
The Rand Corporation Trustee 1973 to 1983
Carnegie Corporation of New York Board of Trustees 1974 to 1971
The Business Roundtable Policy Committee 1974
  Planning Committee 1977
  Co-Chairman 1980 to 1984
American Enterprise Institute Trustee 1977
Associates of the Harvard Business School Member Board of Directors 1978 to 1983
New York City Partnership, Inc. Director & Member of Policy
1980 to 1984
  Honorary Partner 1985
New York Chamber of Commerce Education
Foundation, Inc.
Chairman 1981 to 1984
President’s Economic Policy Advisory Board
(PEPAB) Ronald Reagan
Member 1981
  Chairman 1982 to 1989
Department of State Foreign Affairs Officer 1984 to 1989
IFT Investment Corporation Advisory Board 1988 to 1991
Pfizer Inc. Corporate Advisory Council 1990 to 1995
Committee to Study Computer Technology and
Service Sector Productivity of the Computer
Science and Telecommunications
Board Member 1991 to 1992
International Advisory Council General Electric 1993
School Choice Scholarships Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors 1997
Teleglobe International Advisory Board   1997 to 2000