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President Ronald Reagan, Walter Wriston, and other members of
Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board during 1981-1989

1985 May 14 Becomes Director - Pan Am Corporation (until 1/9/92)
  May 19 Receives Honorary LL.D. - Morehouse College
  May 22 Becomes a Trustee of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
1986   "Risk and Other Four-Letter Words" published by Harper Collins
  July 21 Becomes Director - Tandem Computers Incorporated (until 8/29/97)
1987   Trustees of the Manhattan Institute establish the Wriston Lecture Series
  March 25 Becomes Director - AEA Investors Inc. (until 9/17/98)
  April 8 Becomes Director - United Meridian Corporation (until 5/21/97)
  July Joins Advisory Board of Cambridge Capital Fund
  September 3 Joins President's Commission on Privatization (until 3/18/88)
  October 7 Marguerite Woodworth Wriston [stepmother] dies
1988 May Advisory Board Member, IFT Investment Corporation (until 7/1/91)
1989 September 13 Joins the Special Advisory Board of CAI Capital Corporation
  November 30 Becomes Life Governor of New York Hospital
1990 January Becomes Director - ICOS Corporation
  April 26 Member - Corporate Advisory Council, Pfizer Inc. (until 5/31/95)
  September 4 Becomes Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board, The Biotechnology Group
1991 March 11 Joins the Advisory Council of Yeagher, Wood & Marshall
  April 1 Committee to Study Computer Technology and Service Sector Productivity of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (until 10/31/92)
1992 May 27 Becomes Director - Bio-Research Laboratories Ltd. (until 8/13/96)
  July 15 Becomes Director - Cygnus, Inc.
  September "The Twilight of Sovereignty: How the Information Revolution is Transforming our World" published by Charles Scribner's Sons
1993 May 1 International Advisory Council of General Electric (until 10/16/93)
  June 2 Becomes Director - Sky View Media Group, Inc. (until 9/27/99)
1995 February 2 Becomes Director - Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1996 May 19 Receives Honorary LL.D. - Hamilton College
1997 January 21 Member - Board of Directors, School Choice Scholarships Foundation (until 12/3/97)
  September 24 Diplomacy in the Information Age Advisory Panel Member, Center for Strategic and international Studies
  November 7 Teleglobe International Advisory Board (until 2/28/00)
1998 March 31 Becomes Director - U.S. Global Leaders Growth Fund, Ltd.
  July Joins The President's Council of the New York Academy of Sciences
  July 29 Becomes a Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association
  October 8 Citigroup - combined Citigroup and Travelers Group, opened for business
2000 January 21 Joins the Advisory Council of HomeEquiVest.com Inc.
  March 1 Joins the Advisory Council of PlusFunds.com, Ltd.
  June 1 Becomes Director - Forbes.com
2001 April 21 Becomes a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
2003 December 18 Installation ceremony for Walter B. Wriston Chair of International Business Relations at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.
2004 June 23 Receives Medal of Freedom from President Bush
  November Establishes Henry Merritt Wriston Professorship in Public Policy at Wesleyan University
2005 January 19 Walter B. Wriston dies at age 85