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President John F. Kennedy, Walter B. Wriston, and other members of the Task Force on International Investment, Summer 1963

1955 April Member - Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. (Director for three terms, resigned 1/2/91)
1956   Put in charge of Citibank European District
  December 1 The Bank of Monrovia - Director until 2/24/69, Chairman from 6/1/65 to 9/7/67
1958 January 9 Member - Board of Managers of the Hospital for Special Surgery NY (until12/31/71)
  July 18 First National City Bank (South Africa) Limited - Director, Alternate Director - 5/20/60, Chairman of the Board and Director 9/2/70 - 3/10/71
  December 23 Appointed Citibank Senior Vice President
1959 November 1 Put in charge of Citibank Overseas Division
  November 2 Becomes Member - Foreign Exchange Committee of Federal Reserve Bank (until 7/31/67) Chairman as of 12/2/63
1960 April 7 Joins Officers Retirement & Group Insurance Committee
  May 23 Becomes Director - General Mills, Inc.
  June 7 Appointed Citibank Executive Vice President
1961   Joins the Pan American Society of the U.S. (until 1/1/68)
  February 24 Becomes Board Member - National Foreign Trade Council, Inc.
  November 21 Becomes Member - Joint Latin American Committee of the Business Council (until 6/11/63)
  November 27 Becomes Member of Finance Committee - General Mills, Inc.
  December 18 First National City Overseas Investment Corp. - President until 10/20/67, Director until 2/24/69
1962 January 26 Becomes Director - General Electric Company (until 4/27/93)
  May 4 Becomes Member - Commerce Committee for the Alliance for Progress
  May 22 Joins National Planning Association Committee on Overseas Development
  June Receives Honorary LL.D. - Lawrence College
1963 June 2 Receives Honorary LL.D. - Tufts University
  October 1 Joins President Kennedy's Task Force on International Investment
  November 1 Granted Top Secret Clearance by the Inspector of Naval Materials in NY
1964 September 16 Member - Joint Board of New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center
1965 May Joins European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) U.S. Advisory Committee
  May 18 Becomes Director - J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (until 5/18/90)
  September 7 First National City Bank (FNCB) Services Corp. - Director until11/24/67, Member of Examining Cmte.12/14/66-11/24/67
1966 January 10 Becomes Director - Carte Blanche Corporation (until 6/67)
  April 5 Becomes Member - Advisory Committee on International Banking and Finance (until 2/69)
  June 17 Barbara Brengle Wriston [wife] dies
  October 18 Becomes Director First National City Bank (FNCB) - Waltons Corporation Limited (until 12/9/77)
  October 19 Joins Executive Committee - US Council, International Chamber of Commerce Trustee from 12/7/66 to 7/15/70