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Walter B. Wriston

Walter B. Wriston at eleven years old in Appleton, Wisconsin, July 1931
Walter B. Wriston a year after graduating from Appleton High School in Appleton, Wisconsin, ca. 1938
Left to Right: Henry Lincoln Wriston (Walter B. Wriston's grandfather), Walter B. Wriston, and Henry Merritt Wriston (Walter B. Wriston's father) at Walter B. Wriston's wedding to Barbara Brengle in Scarsdale, New York, October 24, 1942
Left to Right: Ruth Bigelow Wriston, Henry Merritt Wriston, Barbara Wriston, Walter B. Wriston and Barbara Brengle Wriston during Henry Merritt Wriston's presidency at Brown University, 1944
Henry Merritt Wriston, and his first wife, Ruth Bigelow Wriston, early 1940s
Henry Lincoln Wriston, and his wife, Jennie Atcheson Wriston (Walter B. Wriston's grandparents) at the Cape, late 1940s
Henry Merritt Wriston on his wedding day to Marguerite Woodsworth, his second wife, June 28 1947
Barbara Brengle Wriston (Walter B. Wriston's wife) holding
daughter, Catherine, Winter 1948
Walter B. Wriston with his daughter, Catherine, in front of the Statue of Liberty, 1954
Walter B. Wriston on his wedding day to Kathryn Dineen in St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church, March 14, 1968
Walter B. Wriston and, his second wife, Kathryn Dineen Wriston, ca. 1970s
Walter B. Wriston with his daughter, Catherine, on her wedding day to Richard Quintal in the Church of Heavenly Rest  (New York, N.Y.), August 7, 1971
Walter B. Wriston with his grandson, Christopher W. Quintal, in his office in Citicorp Center, 1984
Left to Right: Christopher W. Quintal, Kathryn Dineen Wriston, Catherine Wriston Quintal holding Barbara Catherine "Katy" Quintal, Richard Quintal, and Walter B. Wriston, 1989
Walter B. Wriston and his wife, Kathryn Dineen Wriston, early 1990s
Walter Wriston with his granddaughter, Barbara Catherine "Katy" Quintal, 5, on Mr. Wriston's farm in Connecticut, 1994
Back Row: Kathryn Dineen Wriston, Walter B. Wriston, and Christopher W. Quintal
Front Row: Barbara Catherine "Katy" Quintal, Richard Quintal, and Catherine Wriston Quintal, mid-1990s
Sitting Left to Right: Walter B. Wriston, Barbara Catherine Quintal, and Kathryn Dineen Wriston
Standing Left to Right: Christopher Quintal, Catherine Wriston Quintal, and Richard M. Quintal, 1999
Walter B. Wriston and his wife, Kathryn Dineen Wriston, early 2000s