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Collection Guide/Finding Aid

A collection guide/finding aid is a detailed inventory of an archival collection. It also contains a description of the records’ history or biographical note, scope of the collection, and the organization and arrangement of the collection.

The Walter B. Wriston Collection Guide can be accessed through the Tufts Digital Library. The collection guide/finding aid will open in a new browser.

The Walter B. Wriston Collection is organized into six series:

Speeches, 1951-2003
This series contains drafts of speeches written by Walter B. Wriston for a number of events such as association meetings, lectures, committees, as well as Citigroup meetings. Mr. Wriston addressed several Federal Committees such as the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives on September 13, 1967 and the U.S. Senate Banking & Currency Committee on May 26, 1970. Full-text links to the speeches can be accessed here.

Books, 1982-2006
Mr. Wriston wrote three books: Risk and Other Four-Letter Words, The Twilight of Sovereignty: How the Information Revolution is Transforming Our World, and Bites, Bytes, and Balance Sheets: The New Economic Rules of Engagement In a Wireless World. This series contains drafts of speeches and other resources used to compile the books. You can view a full-text copy of Risk and Other Four-Letter Words and The Twilight of Sovereignty: How the Information Revolution is Transforming Our World by clicking on the links.

Articles and Interviews, 1955-2005
This series contains articles written or co-written by Walter B. Wriston as well as articles about Mr. Wriston. He wrote articles for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and American Banker to name a few. Mr. Wriston was also interviewed by Directors & Boards as well as Bank Director. Full-text copies or links to the articles can be accessed here.

Audiovisual Media, 1982-2005
Mr. Wriston appeared on various television programs such as Strictly Business and The Open Mind. This series contains audiovisual media of interviews and speeches by Walter B. Wriston.

Subject Files, 1952-2005
This series contains predominantly correspondence such as committee correspondence and political correspondence. There are also congratulatory correspondence to Walter B. Wriston for his 2004 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.

Photographs, 1925-2004
This series contains photographs of Walter B. Wriston and his family.