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Student Reports

"The Brazilian Immigrant Experience: A Study on the Evolution of a Brazilian Community in Somerville and the Greater Boston Area"
by Daniel Becker, Fall 2006

"Cambridge Youth Organizations: Where do Latino Youth fit in?"
by Marisa Romo, Spring 2003

"Centre Presente: Building communities and awareness of rights among the Latin American Immigrant population in Massachusetts"
by Shoshana Grossman-Crist, Fall 2006

"Change and challenge in the education system: Latino students in Somerville"
by Marcelo Norsworthy, Fall 2006

"Christian Latinos in Cambridge: Communities of Faith that Rise Above"
by Kerry Biggs, Spring 2003

"Coming of Age in Somerville"
by Avantika Taneja, Fall 2004

"Concerns of the Latino Business Community in Somerville, Mass."
by Dalia Palchik, Fall 2004

"English Language Acquisition: The Opportunities and Experience of Somerville Latino Community"
by Lerome Lesser, Fall 2003

"The Evolution of the Latino Community in Cambridge, Massachusetts"
by Andrew Hara, Ariana Flores, Galen Maze and Radhika Thakkar, Spring 2002

"For the love of the Game: Latino Soccer Leagues in Somerville, Massachusetts"
by Joel Cohen, Fall 2003

"From Yucuaiquín to Somerville: Religious Beliefs and Traditions of a Transnational Community"
by Sebastián Chaskel, Fall 2004

"Hispanic America: Systemic Poverty & the Evangelical Church in Cambridge, MA"
by Elizabeth Butler, Spring 2003

"A History of Human and Civil Rights in the Somerville Latino Community"
by Lindsey Nicholson and Adrienne Van Nieuwenhuizen, Fall 2004

"Joga com Alegria, Joga Futebol: A journey to the heart of Brazilian soccer in Somerville and the Greater Boston Area"
by Amod Rajbhandari, Fall 2006

"Latina Buisness Owners in Cambridge, MA"
by Meredith Green, Spring 2003

"The Latino Business Community in Somerville, MA"
by David Pistrang and Emily Chasan, Fall 2003

"Latino Cultural Expression in Cambridge"
by Brigid Brannigan, L. Sean Kennedy, and Annery Miranda, Spring 2002

"Latino Leadership: Civic and political participation of Latinos in Somerville"
by Diego Villalobos Zamora, Fall 2006

"The Latino Oral History Project: Health Care for Latinos in Cambridge, MA"
by Casey Rebholz, Spring 2003

"Latinos in the Economy of Cambridge"
by Rachel Long and Richard Nightingale, Spring 2002

"The Movers and Shakers of Cambridge, Massachusetts"
by John Keogh and Kathleen Flahive, May 2002

"On Common Ground: Latino Immigrant Community-Building in Somerville"
by Nora Martin-Cooley, Fall 2003

"Political Participation within the Latino Community of Somerville"
by Yanelly Molina, Fall 2004

"La Quinceañera: Performances of Race, Culture, Class, and Religion in the Somerville Community"
by Sara Arcaya, Fall 2004

"Religion and Community among Somerville Latinos"
by Spencer Hickock with Vicente Cruz, Fall 2004

"Salvadorans in Somerville: Changes in Family Structure and Gender Roles among Salvadoran Immigrants"
by Cecilia Dos Santos and Lexie McGovern, Fall 2003

"Self-Representation and Community Building: Latino Artistic Expression in Cambridge, MA"
Chinar Mahadkar, Spring 2003

"Speaking in Tongues: Latinos, Medical Interpreting, and Translation Issues in Somerville"
by Julia Goldberg and Leah Rogers, Fall 2004

"Women's Stories: The Latina experience in Somerville"
by Rebecca Hayes, Fall 2006