Tufts Answers the
Call to Service

This series of exhibits is dedicated to the memory of John W. Rogers, A1947. His service and commitment stand as a testament to his strong sense of community to his alma mater and his nation.

Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives presents a series of exhibits focusing on the two United States Navy programs, the V-12 and NROTC, that arrived on campus during World War II. These online exhibits were created in conjunction with exhibits on display in Tisch Library.

Eagle logoU.S. Navy Comes to Tufts, 1941-1945

Bugler logoTufts College: A Wartime Campus, 1943-1946

Anchor logo Tufts College: Graduates in Wartime

Eagle logo Tufts and the V-12 Program: "Leadership for a Lifetime"


Funding for these exhibits has been provided by Tufts alumni who were part of the United States Navy Officer Training Programs on the Medford Campus from 1941-1972.

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