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  Holmes was a part of many different and overlapping worlds. His poetry and other literary endeavors constitute one such world, but there were also worlds of family, friends, colleagues, his lifetime relationship with Tufts, as well as the realities of the larger world. These exhibits provide insights into some parts of Holmes' world, primarily through his poetry.
    Writing Poetry: Biographies of Poems
    As a teacher and mentor of young poets, Holmes was concerned about imparting the work of writing poetry to his students. Using drafts and notes as well as letters and sketches which are contained in the collection, this exhibit traces the evolution of several poems from first draft to finished product.
    Writing Poetry: Poetry Notebook
    Up until the late 1940s, Holmes composed drafts of many of his poems by hand in a series of bound notebooks. The contents of this late notebook have been scanned for presentation here.

Map of My Country

    One of Holmes' longer and more complex poems, "Map of My Country" became the title poem of his third book of verse, published in 1943. In 1954, Holmes created an extensively annotated version of the poem, which is reproduced here.  
    Along the Row
    Along the Row, Holmes' first book of verse, first appeared in 1929, when Holmes was a student in his final year at Tufts College. Holmes' poems about his time at Tufts were later paired with photographs of the campus taken by faculty member Melville H. Munro. Here, the poems and pictures have been supplemented with audio recordings to open a window onto Tufts as it was in 1929.

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Along the Row Biographies of Poems Poetry Notebook Map of My Country