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Grateful acknowlegdement is made to the following publications for granting permission to reproduce poems which first appeared in their pages:

    American Scholar "The Valiant"
    The Atlantic Monthly

"Address to the Living
"Being Young"
"Legend and Truth"
"The Good, the Great, the Wise"
"The Late Mr. Thorpe"
"The Landmark"
"A Hundred Years From Now"
"The Secret Tide"
"Boy Reading"
"Do Not Pity the Young"
"Evening Meal in the Twentieth Century"
"The Enduring"
"Unpublished Preface to a Ph.D. Thesis"
"Four and a Half"
"Clean Tall Green Still"
"Spring is the Peace"
"To Live In"
"Chair in the Field"
"World the Way it Is"
"The Fear of Dying"
"A Prayer on the Night Before Easter"

    The Beloit Poetry Journal

"A Taste For Revenge"
"Past Understanding"
"The Change"
"Out of the Room"
"Instead of Albums"
"All's Well That Ends"
"The Folding Key"

    Boston Herald

"Ten Years Old Before the Mast"
"A Matter of Time"
"Letter From an Exile"
"Rhyme of Going to the Store"
"Living in Cities"

    Christian Science Monitor "Country Morning"
"I am Singing. We are Singing"
"Journey's End"
"The Library: Capitol of the World"
    Commonweal "Young Man's Poem"

"Montaigne's Pate"
"Memorandum of Agreement"
"New Proverbs"
"The Double Root"

    Horn Book Magazine "Looking at Books"
    Kenyon Review

"But Choose"
"From Brooklyn"

    Literary Cavalcade "The Overgrown Backyard"
    Massachusetts Review

"Free Will and Fire Truck"
"My Father's Silence"
"Truth About Pictures"


"Peter At His Mirror"
"Remembering You, Long After"
"Rainy April Noon"
"To Music First"
"In A College Coffee House"
"Prologue for Poems"
"Incredible Greeting"
"The Mask the Living Wear"
"Unlikely Tale"
"To Keep and Not To Keep"
"The Praise of Poetry"
"Cow Be Killed"
"Hearing Margaret, Aged Four"
"Between Thousands and Thousands"

    Poetry Northwest

"Fieldbook Revised"
"Hamlet With a License"
"Portrait: My Wife"

    Quarterly Review of Literature "One Day's Rain"
"Pour Down"
    The Sewanee Review "Take Home This Heart"
    Stained Glass "Hold It Up To the Light"
    Virginia Quarterly Review

"Seasonal Wisdom"
"Long Walk Alone"
"Northward Letter"
"Hearing Music"

    Yankee Magazine "Rock in the Ground"
"The Wreath"
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