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John F. Zamparelli


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John F. Zamparelli
Years at Tufts:

1943-1944; 1946-1947


High School, Medford Massachusetts University of Notre Dame Midshipmen's School GraduateJohn Zamparelli at college dance , World War II Naval Commission 1944 Tufts College, A1947, History-Government Boston College Law School, J. D. 1950


Betty (Doane) Zamparelli, Tufts College, J1947, Economics-Sociology. Former public school teacher.

Three children: John F. Jr., Lisa M., Laurie J.


Chronology of Education and Military Career:

Military medalsDecember 2, 1942

  • Signed up for V-1 Program as enlisted man on inactive status while undergoing college training with promise of commission when ready for Midshipmen's School. All V-1 students were transferred to the V-12 Program to fulfill promise of future Naval commission.

July 1, 1943

  • Assigned to active duty from V-1 to V-12 at the Naval Training Unit at Tufts College

  • V-12 Welterweight and Middleweight Boxing Champion

Boxing photograph

Boxing fight in Cousens Gymnasium. Dean Wessell and Captain Preston B. Haines, U.S.N., were present at the fight. Captain Haines made the following statement after the well fought match was finished:

There's blood on this deck. The blood of welterweights who fought to the end - winner and loser. That is why America will be victorious in this war…


  • Transferred from V-12 Program to the Naval Midshipmen's School at the University of Notre Dame

  • Middleweight Boxing Champion of Midshipmen's School

  • Volunteered for the LCT (Landing Craft Tank) duty or any craft to hit the beach in the first five waves

  • Commissioned as Ensign upon graduation

  • Ordered to San Francisco before reporting to Hawaii for LCT indoctrination

John F. Zamparelli

  • Awarded Admiral Nimitz Naval Citation with star for taking first LCT from Pearl Harbor to Philippines. LCT traveled on its own power for forty-three days instead of usual launching from an LST (Landing Ship Tank).

  • Duties of LCT included loading of ammunition from Victory and Liberty ships for transfer to Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Heavy and Light Cruisers, Destroyers and all other fighting ships of the Navy.


  • Returned to Tufts College to qualify for Bachelor's Degree

  • Chosen to present class gift at Commencement Ceremonies by Tufts College Administration.



Commencement Program

  • Activities included: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, writing for Tufts Weekly, and playing Varsity football



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