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1.1 Project Overview (pdf)

1.2 System Model (pdf)

1.3 Concerns (pdf)

1.4 Glossary (pdf)

1.5 Requirements for Trustworthy Recordkeeping Systems and the Preservation of Electronic Records in a University Setting (pdf)


2.1 Ingest Guide (pdf | web)

2.2 Ingest Projects (pdf)

2.3 Ingest Tools (pdf) | download tool)


3.1 Maintain Guide (pdf)

3.2 Checklist of Fedora's Ability to Support Maintain Activities (pdf)


4.1 Analysis of Fedora's Ability to Support Preservation Activities (pdf)

4.2 Conclusions and Future Directions (pdf)


Plan of Work (pdf | (web)

Project Narrative (pdf | web)

Interim Narrative Report to NHPRC
January 31, 2005 (Available in October 2006)

Interim Narrative Report to NHPRC
August 24, 2005 (Available in October 2006)

Interim Narrative Report to NHPRC
February 27, 2006 (Available in October 2006)

Final Narrative Report to NHPRC
September 27, 2006 (Available in October 2006)

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Contact Information

Eliot Wilczek
Co-Principal Investigator
University Records Manager
Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University

Kevin Glick
Co-Principal Investigator
Electronic Records Archivist
Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

TIPS: Tufts Ingest Prototype System

In order to support the work described in Ingest Projects, the Tufts project team developed a prototype ingest system which automates many steps of the ingest process. The system, known as the Tufts Ingest Prototype System (TIPS), allowed the project team to gain experience with the processes involved in production-scale ingests. The project team developed TIPS concurrently with the Ingest Guide, allowing theoretical knowledge and practical experience to inform the development of the Guide and the tool.

TIPS is available for use under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. Archives can use TIPS to execute many of the tasks described in Section B Transfer and Validation of the Ingest Guide. However, this is not a production-ready tool with a polished user interface. It is a developer-oriented tool that can help archives develop scalable transfer and validation workflows within an ingest system. Although the project team used TIPS with a Fedora-based repository, it is not a Fedora-specific tool.

Download TIPS (TIPS-alpha1.tar.gz)
This includes source code and documentation with most of the library dependencies.

Download TIPS (TIPS-alpha1-nolibs.tar.gz)
This includes source code and documentation without the library dependencies.