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Images of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet

Donald Ross MacJannet was born May 28, 1894 in Sterling, Massachusetts. One of four children, Donald had an older sister and brother, Josephine and Malcolm, and a younger sister Jean. A graduate of Medford High School, class of 1912 and Tufts College, class of 1916, Donald turned his love of modern languages into a profession of school teacher. These two interests led him to France in 1920, onto Germany in 1922, and then back to France. He opened a school in 1924 in St. Cloud outside of Paris and firmly established himself in the realm of international education in France. A camp in Talloires, France continued his educational ideals during the summer holidays and brought him to a town that would remain a part of him for the rest of his life.

Donald MacJannet's life in pictures

Charlotte Blensdorf MacJannet, born the 21st of November 1901 in Elberfeld, Germany was the daughter of artistic, talented parents. Influenced by her father, Otto Blensdorf, she obtained a certificate in the Dalcroze method of music education from the Dalcroze Institute in Geneva, Switzerland and embarked on a teaching career. Her interest in music, dance and the arts in general remained a passion all her life, one which she shared with many students and friends.

Charlotte Blensdorf MacJannet's life in pictures

Donald and Charlotte met in April 1932 at an education conference in Nice, France. By November of the same year, they were married at the Marylebone Town Hall in London. Forgoing a honeymoon, the newlyweds returned to the school in St. Cloud to start their lives together. Their partnership encompassed international living at its best at the school at St. Cloud, the camp and the Prieuré building in Talloires, as well as Geneva.

Images of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet

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