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Living for poetry, I live in light.
The darkness driven back by words I write,
And words I read, and words I hear in my head
In a twentieth-century room in honor said,
Borders the undiscovered country round. 21.
Here trembles in my mind the coming sound
Of a summer wind, and wakens me to care
Lest others may not move in a shining air
Where listening I have never been alone.
I live in the deep happiness I have known,
And wonder at my fathers' wonder now
Lest life they fared and fought for might be lost. 22.
From their old root my life along the bough
With new green words and a wild love is crossed,
A springing need to put man's story well
Into the best bare words a man may tell. 23.
Nothing is swift enough that I can say.
I envy most the music-maker's way,
Knowing how wholly he must be rejoiced
To change it into music many-voiced. 24.

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